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We all react to life challenges in different ways — some people handle them really well, seem to bounce back quickly and react positively. Others can find they are overwhelmed on a daily basis, perhaps finding they aren’t coping the way they thought they normally would.

Workshops and Programs

Our ability to demonstrate resilience changes over time — it’s a dynamic process. Realising Resilience is an opportunity to identify the needs for those on your team and build a workshop, or well-being program to suit those needs. What outcome do you want from your Well-being Strategy? Do you even have a strategy?


Like it or not, unless we hide away as a recluse, we have to deal with people we like, love and spend our workday with — and then there are ones we don’t get on with or don’t like them very much at all. Humans…we’re surrounded by them.

Since 2012 I have used the Core Strengths assessments as a powerful coaching tool both with groups and individuals, to boost effective communication and reduce conflict. This program is based on 50 years research, and continues to be developed. Why stick with this one? There’s more psychometric test products in the market…

One to One Coaching

We all experience challenges in life — these can add a richness and broaden our viewpoint, if we know how to extract that potential. If you are thinking you need to address some areas of your life, Positive Psychology Coaching could be what helps you realise the beneficial aspects of your challenge.

As Positive Psychology is backed by a vast amount of professional research, a coaching model based on Positive Psychology concepts can offer a more structured and reliable approach to supporting a tailored coaching journey.

An example of how this may work is by expanding your capacity to cope…

Tim Waite

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